Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday everyone! I thought today would be a good day to throw up a mix that I put together. I have been working with Ableton Live 7.0 quite a bit and came up with this remix. I took parts of "Daft Punk's- Voyager," "Wolfgang Gartner's- Montezuma," and "Wiz Khalifa's- Say Yeah." I appreciate you checking this out and LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK.

Say Yeah Montezuma (Syse Remix)

Get out and party tonight (I don't care if finals are next week)

-Alex Syse


Eric Mitchell said...

hell yeah boy, I really like it, sounds like you've been keepin up the good work down in EC. I hope i'll be see ya over break. You better be crashin at the crib.

Dan Curme said...

Syse give me your e-mail address, I want to send you an e-mail about my thoughts on the mix. and yeah, come visit over winter break so we can actually meet and cease to communicate via small text boxes.