Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well looks like my last post got taken down. I haven't heard yet why but I have a sneaking suspicious it was that Beyonce track that did it. I hope you guys where able to get those tracks if you liked em but if not drop me a line and I can get em to ya. In the mean time I was able to pick up some tracks by a little youtube phenom by the name of Ronald Jenkees. He is a synthesizer genius and I encourage everyone to go check out some of his video because they are pretty funny and amazing to watch. He also has a website where you can pick up his CD and stuff and heres the link to that.... Ronald Jenkees.com

Here are a couple tracks off his CD that I like. One is really groovy the other is pretty chilled out. Post some comments and let me know what ya think.

Ronald Jenkees- Stay Crunchy

Ronald Jenkees- Clutter


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