Thursday, March 5, 2009

Origami boxes on string lights/Futurecop!

The last time I felt this excited was the small strip of summer I had before leaving for Israel, culminating with a stroll Mitch and I took in the Arb at Carleton on a gorgeous day in July.  With seeing the West Bank, work in the winter, "Ron's Journey," and a really hard term it's been shitty.  But I'm excited about the spring: frisbee, the summer, Ron is getting better, my classes won't be too hard, more free time, more hanging-out, Carleton in the spring is awesome and I can't wait.  Right now my roommate Ali and I are making Origami boxes and sticking them on string lights, compliments of Zoe.  Zoe: please post on our blog.  You listen to awesome music.  Mitch: come visit.  Bring Shawn.  

Here are two new tracks by one of my favorite groups, and Basic Physics returners - Futurecop!

Futurecop! - Tonite's Hero 


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