Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Finally after so much delay, snow, shitty weather, all around bad moods, and one 2 many sicknesses this winter it seems we are finally taking a turn for the best. Duluth has a 5 day forecast of sun I'm pretty sure for the first time all year and I've been enjoying it with great tunes and lots of pina coladas. I want to share these great tunes with you guys and wish Syse luck as he head out for a big gig. Cheers buddy I'm sure your gonna kill it. As for the tunage, I got some great stuff for you guys so get it quick and enjoy.

Snoop Dogg- Drop it Like it's Hot (DatA Remix) (DL) (Alt Link)

Shazam- Pool Party 2008 (DL) (Alt Link)

Sean Biddle ft. Krukid- Direct Connection (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix) (DL) (Alt Link)

Destiny's Child- Say My Name (Robot Koch's Birthday Remix) (DL) (Alt Link)

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West, Common and Lady Gaga- I Poke Her Face (DL) (Alt Link)


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