Monday, September 7, 2009

Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang is a rising Hip-Hop group out of Philly that I luckily stumbled upon the other day. An MC by the name of Chidera “Proto” Anamege is the lyrical mastermind on this one and their electronic/afro hip-hop sound comes from producer Xaphoon Jones and his rather creative sampling and synth work. Word is that these guys are just starting their first year of college and are on their way to releasing an album. Check out their official site here, Chiddy Bang and these two samples.

Chiddy Bang- Because (Listen/DL)

Chiddy Bang- On Our Way (Listen/DL)


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Anonymous said...

keepin' it real i see. dude this is live shit. hit me up when you get into town.