Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cajun Breakfast

I'm sitting at my computer listening to the set that Syse and Zeigler played in Madison this past weekend and it's great. I love the samples and I think it had a great flow and energy throughout. I want to post up for you guys a couple of tracks that I've been listening to lately as well as give you guys the opportunity to hear some live Basic Physics if you haven't had the pleasure of hearing some already. First off a track from one of my favorite groups and a past blogged artist Bag Raiders. The track smoking is an older original of theirs but it's still sick and really catchy with a great Cheech and Chong sample.

Bag Raiders- Smoking (Listen/DL)

The next track is a sweet hip-hop jam by an artist named J.J. Brown called the World's a Stage. This song reminds me of something Gang Starr would put out with some great scratching and solid rhymes.

J.J. Brown- The World's A Stage (Listen/DL)

Finally the full set from this weekend in Madison at the Memorial Union.

Check out the myspace page here.

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