Monday, January 25, 2010

Eau Claire Blowout

I'm happy to announce that last week Syse worked out a deal with the House of Rock in Eau Claire for us the throw a fund-raising balls-out dance party on the 13th of February. The show should be a ton of fun and I can't tell you how excited we are all getting to play some great new tracks and dance with everyone till they tell us to stop. For the full details pop other to facebook and check it out here. Track for the day is a great throwback remix, I just watched The Book Of Eli and the original is on the soundtrack. At the end of the movie Jackie is wearing beats the headphones by Dr. Dre....I laughed. Oh and I got some dubstep, Enjoy!

Arita Ward- Ring My Bell (Lorcan Mak's Remix) (Listen/DL)

Florence and The Machine- Rabbit Heart (Slof Man Dubstep Remix) (Listen/DL)



Zoe said...

Mitch, I am really digging the Slof Man remix... looking forward to playing it on my show next week.

Christopher said...

Hey...I was at the show and I really enjoyed it. I'd really like to see the track list, it was fantastic. I was the dude in the orange shirt, my friend had the light up shirt. I think it was Dan who gave me the web address...dude in the Timberwolves shirt. Anywho...if you guys have any sort of mailing list, I would like to be on it. Next time you guys spin in Minneapolis, I will be there.


Christopher said...

I suppose it would help if I left my email address.

Eric Mitchell said...

I got you Chris, your on the mailing list, glad you guys had fun I the show. Can't wait to do that shit again.