Thursday, February 18, 2010

All You Need is Love

(Me and Mitch taking a dance break)

Diplo's ever-expanding DJ/producer collective Mad Decent keeps the tracks coming. They recently released an excellent mixtape of melodic, I would even posit soulful at times, dubstep tracks. Find the entire mix here. Pretty much every post from them is awesome.

In other news, the entire Basic Physics crew will be throwing down this weekend in Madison, opening up for Lotus. Syse is going on Friday and Mitch and I are going on Saturday. F Yeah!!! It's earlier in the night so we're not throwing bangers, but people will be enjoying their drinks much more listening to our sweet tracks. So?

Here is my favorite track from that dubstep mixtape. It's another stellar work from the young Brit Rusko. Rusko is on tour with Major Lazer as the opening act. He's coming through Minneapolis so if you haven't gotten tickets yet, DO SO NOW!!!!!!.

Attacca Pesante & Shea Soul - Make It Funky For Me (Rusko Remix) (Listen/DL)

And lastly, stay tuned for the first Basic Physics mixtape Vol. 1. Coming real soon...


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