Monday, February 15, 2010

Basic Physics and Lotus

Basic Physics

Our Gear and The Crowd

Like Dan said we all had a blast this weekend in Eau Claire, thanks again to the great crowd that showed up and awesome support from all our friends over there. Playing our first show as a duo couldn't have gone any better and I'd like to thank Syse for inviting us to come play. I'd also like to make a big shout out to the crew at Soundwaves for coming out and setting up some great lighting for us, it really gave the club a perfect atmosphere. So yeah killer weekend.

On to this coming weekend; it's gonna be a big one for Syse and Basic Physics. Two huge shows, 2 nights in a row this coming Friday and Saturday at the Majestic in Madison. Lotus will be the headliner and I'm definitely pump to see them throw down. These guys play a lot of festivals and theatres around the country and I'm sure they are gonna let it hang out in Madison. Check them out here and you can find and the show details at the Majestic's website here.

Here are a couple of my highlights from Saturday nights show, hope you guys enjoy.

Classixx- Cold Act Ill (Radio Edit) (Listen/DL)

Metric- Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix) (Listen/DL)

And thanks Sean for the pics from the show.


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