Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gimme Some Love!

What's up guys, sorry I haven't dropped by with some beats in awhile, we've been a little busy lately. I'll start by saying that I had a great time this weekend at Too Much Love (Sovietpanda's Saturday night first ave. dance party), Dan and friends were up from Carleton and it got pretty dirty down on the dance floor. As always we love being the source of all the music you care about, we try to keep it fresh and we love suggestions. Feel free to let us know of any music you've been diggin' and we'll be sure to give it a listen. Beatzzzz-------------->

Might Mouse- Smash Into You (Remix) (Listen/DL)

Caribou- Odessa (Listen/DL)

The White Panda- Fireflies Goin' Down (Young Joc vs. Owl City) (Listen/DL)