Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jake Kring

... is a talented Hip-Hop producer from Philadelphia (and my roommate) with good range, keen sampling, music knowledge, and diverse influences. I've seem him sample everything from Etta James to Tom Waits. We've thrown a few Hip-Hop dance parties and are planning another this spring at Carleton College. Look out for that, all are welcome.

Jake Kring - Abby's First Song (listen/DL)

features the startling vocal abilities of the young Abby Kring. I'm personally very excited to see what else these two do together. A young Dessa in the making? I posit 'yes.'

Jake Kring - La Gollondrina (Listen/DL)

perfect song to drink a lot and attempt freestyle. The intro sample reminds me of like intro music to a 50's sitcom when the dad is coming home from work, the mom cooking dinner, the kids are playing, shit like that. And then the best drops and it becomes a really groovy, soul, Hip-Hop track, complete with scratching, a string melody, and cut up vocals (in Spanish??). Great track.

Be SURE to check out Jake's myspace with additional info and tracks.



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