Thursday, August 26, 2010


I crashed into some new music yesterday while surfing the web. If you haven't heard Dubstep is like 3-D TV right now, it's the newest, freshest cheese on the market. Like if Hip-Hop beats and British Electro synth had sex this is their musical love child. With so many styles and variations Dubstep appeals to a wide audience and produces a wild time. Mimosa is no exception with his own take on the genre. Throwing down out of Oakland/LA, Mimosa is on tour currently and you can check out all the dates on their myspace.

Mimosa- Psychedelic Stereo (Listen/DL)

Mimosa- Your Love (Listen/DL)

Mimosa- Days Go By (Listen/DL)


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Alli said...

mimosa is where its at.